Common Sense Machines is building artificial intelligence that translates the world into a 3D simulation.

Our platform, Real-to-Sim-to-Real, leverages the flexibility of human-like learning and the speed and precision of machines to enable one-shot 3D perception and manipulation of everyday objects. At scale, machines with common sense will accelerate our goals and improve our lives. We are venture-backed and looking for talented engineers and scientists to join the core team.

Add block patterns

Block patterns are pre-designed groups of blocks. To add one, select the Add Block button [+] in the toolbar at the top of the editor. Switch to the Patterns tab underneath the search bar, and choose a pattern.

Frame your images

Twenty Twenty-One includes stylish borders for your content. With an Image block selected, open the “Styles” panel within the Editor sidebar. Select the “Frame” block style to activate it.

Overlap columns

Twenty Twenty-One also includes an overlap style for column blocks. With a Columns block selected, open the “Styles” panel within the Editor sidebar. Choose the “Overlap” block style to try it out.